The Law Office of Amarante M. Carvalho handles all aspects of US Immigration and Nationality Law. Mr. Carvalho is entitled to represent clients all over the United States and around the world in immigration matters.

Mr. Carvalho has a Masters Degree in Law (LL.M.) from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, and has practiced law in Chicago for over 25 years.

In 1982, he was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

He was associated with a well-known law firm and was an Assistant State’s Attorney in Chicago for approximately seven years. He was recently appointed an Arbitrator pursuant to the Mandatory Arbitration Program of Cook County, Illinois.

Being an immigrant himself, Mr. Carvalho is intimately aware of the concerns and needs of immigrants. He provides efficient, reasonably priced, and ethical legal services.

The Law Office will use the telephone, e-mail, fax, overnight mail, courier services and contacts in other countries to represent clients efficiently in all immigration cases both inside and outside the United States of America.

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